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Bejewelled: Treasures of the Al-Thani Collection

21 November 2015 – 10 April 2016. Spectacular objects, drawn from a single private collection, exploring the broad themes of tradition and modernity in Indian jewellery.

Sponsored by

Sponsored by Wartski

Founded 150 years ago in North Wales, Wartski is celebrating its anniversary by sponsoring this major exhibition of jewellery. Wartski is a family business specialising in goldsmiths' work, antique jewellery, Russian works of art and especially that of Carl Fabergé. Over the years the firm has sold many outstanding masterpieces including thirteen of Fabergé’s Imperial Easter Eggs. Its customers have included six generations of the British Royal family as well as celebrated artists, musicians, actors and museum curators throughout the world. From the early 1950’s, the firm’s late chairman Kenneth Snowman published a number of scholarly books, elevating the business to a new level of excellence at which expertise and research were not by-products of the trade, but primary objectives in their own right. Wartski – The First 150 Years by Geoffrey Munn was published by ACC in May 2015.

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