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Jameel Prize - FAQs

What is the Jameel Prize?

The Jameel Prize is an international award for contemporary artists and designers inspired by Islamic traditions of art, craft and design. The prize, worth £25,000, is presented to an artist or designer whose work marks an outstanding achievement in this field.

How often is the Jameel Prize awarded?

The Jameel Prize is awarded every two years.

How much is the prize?

The winner of the Jameel Prize will be awarded £25,000.

What is the aim of the Jameel Prize?

The purpose of the Jameel Prize is to raise awareness of the thriving interaction between contemporary practice and Islamic traditions of craft, art and design. By doing so, it contributes to a broader debate about Islamic culture and its place in the world today.

Who judges the prize?

The V&A invites a new panel of independent judges for each Prize. Continuity is provided by the chair, who is always the Director of the Museum. Past judges have included leading practitioners, curators, academics and other specialists.


Can anyone enter?

Entry for the Jameel Prize is by nomination, and once nominated, artists and designers are invited to submit an application. Within that framework, nominees can be of any ethnic, religious or cultural background. The main criterion is that their work has a clear link to the traditional art, craft and design practice of the Islamic world and shows an informed understanding of these traditions.

How does the prize work?

Leading curators, designers, artists and cultural figures from across the world are asked to nominate artists and designers whose work fits the Prize criteria. Once all their proposals are in, the nominated artists and designers are invited to submit relevant examples of their work. The panel of judges then chooses a shortlist. The work of the shortlisted finalists is brought together for an exhibition at the V&A, and the judges meet to choose the winner.

Why do people have to be nominated to enter?

The V&A wants to reach out and include artists and designers from as many different countries and from as wide a range of practice as possible. To do so, we draw on the knowledge and experience of a large number of specialists in the field from around the world.

Is there a time frame during which the work has to have been made?

Work must be made within the last 5 years.

The shortlist

Are artists and designers shortlisted for existing work?

Artists and designers are shortlisted for existing work that reflects Islamic art and craft practice.

Where are the shortlisted artists and designers from?

The short list is made up of artists and designers with connections with many different countries.

Who has selected the shortlist?

The panel of judges.

Will only the shortlisted body of work go on display?

Yes. Each finalist shows one or more pieces that represent the work for which they were shortlisted.

The winner

Is the Jameel Prize awarded to an artist or designer or for a particular body of work?


Who will select the winner?

The panel of judges.

What is the role of the patron of the Jameel Prize, Zaha Hadid?

Zaha Hadid is one of world’s leading architects, and her engagement in Islamic tradition as a potential source of inspiration is a model for others.

The exhibition

Where will the shortlisted artists and designers work be displayed?

The exhibition will be displayed in the V&A’s main Contemporary gallery.

How long will the exhibition be on display at the V&A?

Jameel Prize 3 will be on display from 11 December 2013 - 21 April 2014.

Will people have to pay to see the exhibition?

No, admission will be free.

Who will curate the exhibition?

The curators are Tim Stanley and Salma Tuqan, who both work in the V&A's Middle Eastern section.

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