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Highlights in this issue

New mounts for the headless stone boy and his brother

Matthew Rose, Museum Technician, Design and Outsourcing

During the dismantling of the entire dormer window by the V&A Sculpture Conservation team in the summer of 2007, it became evident that the headless figure was separated from his feet. This article details the construction of a specially made mount to preserve the stone figure in place atop the dormer window.

The Bourdichon Nativity: A masterpiece of light and colour

Lucia Burgio, Senior Object Analysis Scientist

In 2003, the Museum acquired a late fifteenth-century illuminated miniature by Jean Bourdichon, an artist who worked at the French Court and served four kings in his lifetime. In 2008, the Science Section borrowed a Renishaw Raman spectrometer from the Chemistry Department, University College London, analysing the Bourdichon Nativity.

Deteriorated enamelled objects: Past and present treatments

Fi Jordan, Senior Ceramics Conservator

The re-display of a number of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century enamelled objects has given the Ceramics and Glass Conservation Studio the opportunity to assess a number of past treatment methods used on the degraded surface of enamels on metal.

Stained and painted glass from the Chapel of the Holy Blood, Bruges

Ann Marsh, Stained Glass Conservator

The figurative and armorial stained glass panels from the Chapel of the Holy Blood, Bruges are a prominent feature of the new Medieval & Renaissance Galleries. Their original home is a double chapel, the ground floor of which is in the Romanesque style while the first floor, the Chapel of the Holy Blood, is of Gothic design.

Autumn 2009 Issue 58 special edition