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Highlights in this issue

LiDo: A light dosimeter for monitoring cultural heritage

Hannelore Römich, Leader, LiDo project Graham Martin, Head of Science

LiDo is a part EU funded collaborative project to develop and market a light dosimeter for use in museums and similar establishments

A hundred years of the teddy bear

Marion Kite, Senior Textiles Conservator

Examining and working on a large number of teddy bears dating from 1905 to the present day provided an unequalled learning opportunity to assess materials and degradation properties, manufacturing techniques, wear patterns and domestic solutions to the problems of repairing a loved toy still in use.

Standard materials for corrosiveness testing

Boris Pretzel, Materials Scientist Nobuko Shibayama, Fellow, Conservation Research (now at the Metropolitan Museum, New York)

This article outlines research of ‘ corrosiveness tests’ as carried out at the Victoria and Albert Museum to test materials for possible interactions with museum artefacts.

Hitchcock’s transformation print

Anne Greig, Book/Paper Conservator

Investigation and conservation of multi-image prints, an unusual example of a hand crafted object that is also a patented invention.