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Highlights in this issue

Dating Alhambra stuccoes

Lucia Burgio, Object Analysis Scientist, Science Conservation

The analysis of pigments and materials found on these stucco panels from the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, gave sufficient clues to hypothesise that one of the panels was not from the 14th century, as originally thought.

Conservation of Houghton Hall textiles and furniture

Sandra Smith, Head of Conservation

Houghton Hall, Norfolk, was built and furnished in 1722-1735 for Sir Robert Walpole, the first British Prime Minister, by the innovative and leading designer William Kent.

Funding a collaborative conservation project: the Mazarin Chest

Shayne Rivers, Senior Furniture Conservator

The Mazarin Chest (412-1882) is an extraordinary object of major cross-cultural significance, renowned as one of the finest pieces of Japanese export lacquer to have survived from the late 1630's

The Safavid Cope

Marion Kite, Senior Textile Conservator

An opportunity for materials analysis on a silk knotted-pile cope, one of the most important examples of Safavid (empire: 1502-1736) pile-weaving of the 17th century.