Jack Harlow hero image

Guess the Jack Harlow song from the lyrics?

Jack Harlow fans, are you ready to test your knowledge of his songs? This quiz requires nothing but a love for Jack. From The Handsome Harlow to Jackman, get ready to show us just how well you know his music. 

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Question 1 out of 8:

“Brand new whip, just hopped in”

Photo of a sports car on a road at sunset
Question 2 out of 8:

“Have you ever been to Italy and eaten Italian?”

Photograph of the Italian flag blowing in the wind against a blue sky
Question 3 out of 8:

“I sold them basements out, let’s do arenas, crushin’ / She looking, I’m blushing”

A woman lying on some leaves with her hands covering her eyes
Question 4 out of 8:

“And I’m not no fashionista, but I’m fly though”

Colourful painted nails
Question 5 out of 8:

“I’m bouncing, I think I need some counseling”

A note which says 'Phone a friend'
Question 6 out of 8:

“Made a mil’ and I don’t know what to blow it on”

Banknotes from around the world
Question 7 out of 8:

“I’m a restaurant-goer, never been to Whole Foods”

Close up photo of healthy salad
Question 8 out of 8:

“My track record so clean, they couldn’t wait to just bash me / I must be gettin’ too flashy, / y’all shouldn’t have let the world gas me (Woo)”

A group of friends with mountains in front of them

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