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Highlights in this issue

Strand Palace Hotel

Trevor Grainger, Technical Service

Designed by Oliver P. Bernard in 1930, The Strand Palace Hotel entrance/foyer was rescued by the V&A and sent to Battersea Store, where it remained for many years largely forgotten and ignored.

How fast do polyester fabrics age in the museum environment?

Capucine Korenberg, Research Assistant, Science Section

Today polyester fibres are the most widely used man-made fibres. Increasingly, “ techno” fabrics are given special finishes to have specific properties.

Problems associated with the use of gloss house-hold paints by 20th century artists

Harriet Standeven, Final year PhD student, Royal College of Art/V&A Museum Conservation Programme

The  presence of gloss paints on works of art can cause problems for the object’ s care and longevity.

Shooting yourself in the foot: the do’s and don’ts of working with weapons

Rachel Church, Assistant Curator, Department of Sculpture, Metalwork, Ceramics and Glass

Although  these objects  are regarded as works of art, it is important to remember that arms and armour are potentially dangerous or even lethal to handle.