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Highlights in this issue

The new paintings galleries

Nicola Costaras, Head Painting Conservator

The New Paintings Galleries at the V& A have just opened to the public. The practical conservation of the paintings started exactly a year ago in November 2002. One hundred and sixty-seven of the 200 oil paintings on display required some work and we had just under one year in which to complete it.

The conservation of three gilded frames for the new paintings galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Barbara Dabrowa, Conservator-Frames, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

To treat  three of the more severely damaged gilded frames  I combined traditional methods, for preparing the surface for gilding, with non-traditional gilding methods.

An introduction to gemmology

Joanna Whalley, Senior Metalwork Conservator

At the V& A,  some of the gem materials have never been professionally assessed and may have been labelled incorrectly, if labelled at all. Theory and practical examinations were successfully completed in March 2003.

An Indian painting workshop led by Shammi Bannu

Mike Wheeler, Senior Paper Conservator

Shammi Bannu is a renowned master artist in India with a very long family tradition of miniature painting which stretches back several hundred years.  He was invited to England to demonstrate painting techniques.