Beyond the gift shop: Making Glasgow Womens Library

This talk was recorded on 11 March 2020

Glasgow Women’s Library co-founder Dr Adele Patrick discusses how design has powered the development of one of Scotland’s most trailblazing cultural resources.

Dr Adele Patrick has been developing innovative, participatory cultural projects rooted in equalities for over 25 years. A co-founder of Glasgow Women’s Library, Adele has had a leadership role in forging this influential, change making organisation.

Adele will chart the impact of design ‘beyond the gift shop’ in the making of the Library over three decades.

Trained as a designer at Glasgow School of Art and continually collaborating with artists and creatives, Adele received the Engage Scholarship for Excellence in Gallery Education in 2016. A rare example of a design trained museum leader with a lifelong commitment to enterprise and innovation, Adele was nominated Scotswoman of the Year in 2016.