Daytrippers: Fiona Moon

Our collaboration with Local Heroes celebrates and supports Scottish designers. In this series, you'll meet the designers behind these collectable products.

Daytrippers! showcases the work of six designers, each commissioned to create contemporary, limited-edition souvenirs in celebration of the ‘year of the daytripper’. On offer are beautifully designed wildflower seed boxes and beach towels, displayed on specially customised Christiana bikes.

Meet Fiona...

Fiona Moon is an illustrator based in Edinburgh and illustrated our limited edition 'Moonlight Garden' mix which includes seaside wildflowers such as Musk Mallow, Primrose, Nottingham Catchfly and Bladder Campion, sourced from Scotia Seeds.

Fiona's work is print based, with a focus on simple, colourful graphics, and has a nostalgic and playful aesthetic, "I find inspiration from vintage ceramics and toys, and the multitude of books and printed ephemera that surrounded me as a child in my Dad's bookshop in Whitehaven, Cumbria."

"To be associated with both V&A Dundee and the other designers, feels like a huge step for my tiny brand! Being able to see my design in a completely new format to anything I've worked on before is really exciting."

"To be invited to work on the Daytrippers project was both unexpected and uplifting - a huge confidence boost that couldn't have come at a better time for me.", Fiona launched Fiuts Printed Goods this year - Fiuts is pronounced 'Fyoots' and is her childhood nickname – where she sells printed stationary and textiles.

Local Heroes, founded by design curator and exhibition maker Dr Stacey Hunter, is a curatorial studio that connects audiences with contemporary Scottish design and craft.

All the products are available on the museum plaza, in our shop or online.