Daytrippers: Katie Smith

Our collaboration with Local Heroes celebrates and supports Scottish designers. In this series, you'll meet the designers behind these collectable products.

Daytrippers! showcases the work of six designers, each commissioned to create contemporary, limited-edition souvenirs in celebration of the ‘year of the daytripper’. On offer are beautifully designed wildflower seed boxes and beach towels, displayed on specially customised Christiana bikes.

Meet Katie...

Katie Smith is an illustrator based in Glasgow. Her design 'The Swimmers' shows two bodies gliding past one another, through cool turquoise waters with details in white and red.

Katie's work is playful and colourful, inspired by all the good things in life - nature, female beauty, plants and sunshine, "I use bright colours to promote a positive attitude and wellbeing to brighten up your day. I use a mix of both analogue and digital techniques to create my illustrations".

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. I got to meet a lot of other really talented artists who are involved in the project. As well as making a design in collaboration with Local Heroes that feels really fun and joyful for the summer. I couldn’t be any happier with how the project has turned out and I can’t wait to go to V&A Dundee and see all of the souvenirs in their natural habitat in the gardens."

Katie's signature style was perfect for Daytrippers! "I was thrilled when I got asked to create a souvenir for the this Project. I love V&A Dundee and I was delighted to create a design that was so bright and colourful for the summer. It’s a really great project to get people excited about being allowed back outside with their friends and family and enjoying time in the outdoors. "

Local Heroes, founded by design curator and exhibition maker Dr Stacey Hunter, is a curatorial studio that connects audiences with contemporary Scottish design and craft.

All the products are available on the museum plaza, in our shop or online.

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