Daytrippers: Lauren Morsley

Our collaboration with Local Heroes celebrates and supports Scottish designers. In this series, you'll meet the designers behind these collectable products.

Daytrippers! showcases the work of six designers, each commissioned to create contemporary, limited-edition souvenirs in celebration of the ‘year of the daytripper’. On offer are beautifully designed wildflower seed boxes and beach towels, displayed on specially customised Christiana bikes.

Meet Lauren...

Lauren Morsley is a designer and illustrator based in Fife, her unique design titled 'Daydreamers' shows cheerful characters enjoying the sunshine surrounded by ice-creams, books and puppies against an inky blue background with details in pink, yellow, turquoise and blue.⁠

Throughout university Lauren focused on learning different printmaking techniques and narrative illustration. Using these skills, Lauren has learned from printmaking to tackle all sorts of design projects saying "it has helped me develop my bold and colourful illustration style. I also love depicting stories and adding some humour to my work here and there".

"I really enjoyed working on a product that is so different to what I have done before. I also really enjoyed the restrictions that came with designing the beach towel too. There is a certain weaving process you have to design and work with which meant that I had to adapt my way of working and this is where my skills in printmaking came in handy and really helped inform the design."

Lauren makes and sells prints and ceramics through her online shop and through galleries and markets. Also working on various commercial projects including editorial, illustrations for products and advertising, "I really enjoy having variety in the projects I take on and exploring different avenues of design. I also enjoy working and collaborating with other designers/design teams as I believe it allows projects to come out better in the end and have a bigger impact on audiences.”

Local Heroes, founded by design curator and exhibition maker Dr Stacey Hunter, is a curatorial studio that connects audiences with contemporary Scottish design and craft.

All the products are available on the museum plaza, in our shop or online.