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Daytrippers: Shweta Mistry

Our collaboration with Local Heroes celebrates and supports Scottish designers. In this series, you'll meet the designers behind these collectable products.

Daytrippers! showcases the work of six designers, each commissioned to create contemporary, limited-edition souvenirs in celebration of the ‘year of the daytripper’. On offer are beautifully designed wildflower seed boxes and beach towels, displayed on specially customised Christiana bikes.

Meet Shweta...

An image of a woman standing in a shop.
Shweta Mistry

Shweta Mistry is a women led design studio based in Glasgow founded in 2018; by Shweta, creating exclusive fabrics, wallpapers and interior accessories.

For Daytrippers!, Shweta has illustrated our limited edition 'Little Butterflies' mix featuring Kidney Vetch, Rock Rose, Thrift and Wild Thyme. All native flowers that support local wildlife, sourced from Scotia Seeds.

"I have hand painted using rare heritage art techniques and pigments; Scotland's tiniest butterflies; rare Small Blue butterfly, for whom the coast north of Dundee is a vital home and Rock Rose for the Northern Brown Argus. It's about bringing awareness of the natural world we live in and conserve it too which is close to my design practice."

Driven by her passion for art, history and nature, Shweta works with traditional Indian painting techniques and ancient pigments that date from the 11th century. Her designs are created from hand painted artwork using rare pigments with global historic significance and heritage painting techniques.

A packet of seeds decorated with flowers and butterflies.
Little Butterflies

Local Heroes, founded by design curator and exhibition maker Dr Stacey Hunter, is a curatorial studio that connects audiences with contemporary Scottish design and craft.

All the products are available on the museum plaza, in our shop or online.