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Make Works: Simon Meek

We've collaborated with Make Works to showcase the stories behind our products. Today we meet narrative designer Simon Meek, a storyteller who uses design to express that story in different ways.

Simon Meek is a mixed-media storyteller. He founded the Glasgow-based games studio The Secret Experiment which created Beckett, a surreal noir videogame and one of the most contemporary objects in our Scottish Design Galleries.

As our first Designer in Residence, Simon developed an experimental work of fiction while working in our studio.

Find out more about the projects and his process in the video below.

Simon uses narrative, audio and visual elements in ways that are both abstract and structural. There's a reason these elements exist.

Simon Meek stood in our Designer in Residence studio.
Black boards with broken porcelain, dried flowers, pieces of wood and other curious elements mounted on them.
A photo from above of a table covered in a pink floral tablecloth with a tea set on it and sugar cubes in a bowl. A copy of Beckett sits on the table too.
  • Simon Meek in our Designer in Residence studio.

  • Some of Simon's work for 'Fragments of a Fictional Place'.

  • One of Simon's physical set-ups as part of 'Fragments of a Fictional Place'.

Simon made sure that, during his residency with us, he didn't curtail where the design process might take him.

A stack of images with cut out strips of typed words laying across them, ready to be made into something.
Deck chairs sitting on artificial turf with a sandwich board next to them. On the board is "Tea and coffee" written in chalk.
A microphone setup with a small sound dampener around it.
  • Work from Simon's 'Fragments of a Fictional Place'.

  • One of Simon's physical set-ups as part of 'Fragments of a Fictional Place'.

  • The audio recording setup in the studio.

Simon created a physical remix of Beckett exclusively for our shop. This consisted of 55 reality-shaping story cards that you shuffle, crafting a new narrative each time. The second edition Beckett vinyl was also exclusive to our museum shop.

A selection of black and white photo and word cards spread out across a black surface.
A silver record peeping out of its white sleeve, along with a book open with writing on it.
  • The physical remix of Beckett.

  • The second edition Beckett vinyl.

Make Works Collaboration

To help tell the stories behind some of the wonderful collaborations in our shop, we have been working with leading Scottish design studio Make Works.

Originating in Scotland and extending throughout the UK, Make Works now have an international reach, including regions in the UAE and Sweden.

Make Works source local manufacturers, workshops and materials, beautifully capturing the people behind them and making them available through their open access platform. Since 2013, Make Works have visited and documented almost 200 factories and manufacturers, encouraging those in the creative industries to have work made locally or independently.

With their profound knowledge of Scotland’s creative industries and talent for storytelling, Make Works are the perfect partner to showcase a selection of our retail collaborations.