Making V&A Dundee: Stormy Day

We like celebrating everyone involved in making V&A Dundee a living, breathing museum. We saw this striking image of the museum alongside the RRS Discovery on social media and had to share it – it was too good not to! We reached out to the photographer, Marc, and asked if he could tell us more about his work.

I go on a lot of hill walks and see some amazing sights or spot something that would make for an interesting photo. I wanted to start capturing these moments, even ordinary things that most people would just walk past. If you shoot them in the right light, the results can be breathtaking.

I’ve been doing photography as a hobby for around 4 years now, using my Nikon D5600 DSLR and iPhone 11 Pro. I enjoy taking scenic shots and I’m always looking at ways to be more creative with my work. I have a close group of friends who support me, along with the Dundee Photography Group. I joined the group as I was keen to learn more – to find out what does and doesn’t work and explore new editing techniques.

The stormy photograph was actually captured on my iPhone whilst driving past. I was waiting at the traffic lights and could see the dark sky above and knew it would make for an interesting image.

Here's more of Marc's work:

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