V&A Dundee

Videogames are a girl thing

Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt is on until 8 September 2019. Assistant Curator Lauren Bassam presents one of the videos from the show exploring representation and how diverse perspectives can benefit everyone.

The Games Industry appears to be having its #MeToo moment, with people on the inside feeling empowered to share their stories over the last week to highlight systematic abuse from within the games industry.

With our own Videogames exhibition closing this week, it feels like the right moment to showcase conversations that continue to change things for the better.

When Marie Foulston and Kristian Volsing originally curated the Videogames show, key to their curatorial approach was highlighting the voices of those who are pushing back against the status quo of representation within videogames and asking key questions about representation. Not only online, but offline as well, looking at how this might positively impact game-making.

Take a look at one of the videos featured in the exhibition.

In highlighting the work of people such as Katherine Cross, Jordan Erica Webber, Nina Freeman and Anita Sarkisian within the disruptors section of the exhibition, we're reminded just how much has been done in the last ten years to champion representation and diverse voices in gaming.

But it's clear how much more needs to be done to create game-making and game-playing spaces that are safe for everyone. The more we share and support those pushing for change, the more likely that the videogames industry will change.

Space is needed for those whose voices must be heard and, crucially, we have to listen when they speak.

Lauren Bassam is an Assistant Curator at V&A Dundee.