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Webcomics: Amy Galloway

Journ-ee: A day exploring Dundee
Start of a new comic. This single panel shows a character and their dog walking, reading the Magdalen Green magazine looking for sights.
This webcomic panel shows the two characters looking at the bandstand in Magdalen Green, admiring it.
This webcomic panel shows the character taking a photo of the bandstand and achieving a "heart" in the style of a videogame.
This webcomic panel shows the dog, Chumpie, barking in agreement when the character says they should go find more things to photograph. A banner over the panel says "Achievement unlocked: Magdalen Green", like a videogame.
This webcomic panel show the Dundee Law monument with the character's face and the dog's head beside it talking about the monument being a memorial for those lost in the World Wars. A banner is across the bottom that reads "achievement Law Monument" with a big tick beside it like in a videogame.
This webcomic panel shows the character sitting by the Law monument with their dog asking if they want a treat. To the right is a bag icon with treat and books and the other contents of the bag shown with a selector, like a videogame.
This webcomic shows the dog eating a biscuit and getting a clap on the head. Above his head is a green up arrow with a heart icon next to it, like a videogame.
This webcomic shows the main character standing in front of the Law monument proudly and above their head are three hearts in a row and one on the end in gold and the words beneath say "new heart container obtained" like in a videogame. The words "to be continued" sit in the bottom right hand corner.
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Each student’s work is released in four instalments over four weeks. Check back next Friday to read the following part.


Based in Dundee, Amy sought influence from the city’s rich history to help create her webcomic, with a focus on some of its famous landmarks. The videogame details throughout the comic are based on our previous exhibition Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt, offering an exploration of how both comics and videogames can be disrupted by overlapping them.

Amy also took inspiration from her own dog for the character of Chumpie, who proved to be a valuable model and avid supporter of the comic’s production.

Valuing simple lines, backgrounds and colour palettes, Amy hopes to make her comic accessible and enjoyable to a wide audience who can share in her appreciation of the juxtaposition of modern videogame elements and historical landmarks.


Born in Fife, Amy moved to Dundee in 2013 and has lived here since, exploring a variety of creative passions such as acting and illustration. Her work is often characterised by a variety of pop culture influences, strong lines and bright colours.

Always opting for complex narratives to balance out her simplistic style, her background in creative writing has encouraged her to weave together stories with unexpected elements and twists.

Amy is diverse as a creator, having dabbled in graphic design work for local businesses and illustrative commissions. Manga artists of the early 2000s are an inspiration in her work, in particular her recent project focusing on women wrestlers, which was exhibited at the Masters Degree Show.

To follow Amy's progress, check out her Instagram.

The webcomics published across our digital channels have been created by University of Dundee’s Masters in Comics and Graphic Novels students.