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Webcomics: Emma Oosterhous

Magic Arcade
A bright and colourful comic page with four different-sized panels. The strip features three friends who have been illustrated personified animals: one a tortoise, one a rabbit and one a cat. They are facing an ornate cave entrance in a cliff face called Magic Arcade. They talk about how hard it was to get there, including defeating an army of squirrels and sassily seducing a goblin king. This page ends with the rabbit taking a coin out of their bag, kissing it and saying determinedly "we've got a game to pay".
A bright and colourful comic page with four different-sized panels. The group walk down a corridor full of random weird objects and colours, warning each other to be on guard. Wendell the cat opens a box and a we ghost floats out. Harriet shrieks and the others are concerned and go to her, to find her pointing into the corner at something to be revealed.
  • Emma Oosterhous's webcomic: Part 1 of 4

  • Emma Oosterhous's webcomic: Part 2 of 4

Each student’s work is released in four instalments over four weeks. Check back next Friday to read the following parts.


Magic Arcade is the story of three adventurers. Or, rather, the end of their story. After years of slaying beasts and seducing their way out of trouble, Harriet, Gemma and Wendell have finally reached the Magic Arcade, where one final test lies between them and a mysterious Magic Prize.

Will they conquer the Magic Claw Machine and discover what’s inside? Or will they fall at the final hurdle?


Emma Oosterhous is a cartoonist and dog lover from Colorado Springs, USA. She received a BA in Spanish from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2017 and then undertook an MDes in Comics and Graphic Novels at the University of Dundee.

"I enjoy making comics about magic, teens, queer romance, fantasy, my own life and LGBTQ+ issues. Trans rights! In my free time, I collect pins and badges for my jacket, watch nature documentaries and listen to podcasts."

To see more of her art, follow her on Twitter or visit her website.

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The webcomics published across our digital channels have been created by University of Dundee’s Masters in Comics and Graphic Novels students.