Webcomics: Gabriele Zubauskaite

I (don’t) deserve to be here

Each student’s work is released in four instalments over four weeks. Check back next Friday to read the following parts.


I (don’t) deserve to be here is a story about someone experiencing impostor syndrome. It starts with a surreal experience which takes place in her home. Our protagonist is then thrown into a journey of understanding, dealing with her uncertain feelings with the help of others.


Abriele Skaite (Gabriele Zubauskaite) is a Lithuanian illustrator and cartoonist. She studied her master's degree in Comics and Graphic Novels in Dundee.

Her passion for visual art started when she decided to attend art school at 11 years old (without the permission of her parents). Since then, she's never stopped creating.

Abriel's distinctive technique is the result of the different media she tried during her undergraduate studies.

Meeting new people from different parts of the world and hearing their stories, Abriel realised that her goal in life was to create visual stories about 'invisible' superheroes that nobody talks about.

The webcomics published across our digital channels have been created by University of Dundee’s Masters in Comics and Graphic Novels students.

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