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Webcomics: Gabriele Zubauskaite

I (don’t) deserve to be here
A webcomic drawn using soft greys and dark pastel tones. It depicts a woman going about her morning routine and her inner voice tells her today everyone will find out about her. That she's not good enough. That she shouldn't call herself an artist. When she claps back at herself, she falls off the balcony and lands amongst a small crowd of people who say "right on time".
The woman slowly comes to after falling and sees three people standing over her. They are Amy Cudy, Annie Duke and Neil Gaiman. She's confused and asks what they're doing there. They pick her up and tell her that they don't have much time to show her something.
The characters are reminding the main character about all the good achievements she's made in life and how she always thought it was luck or a mistake. They then reveal that she has Imposter Syndrome.
They then talk about what Imposter Syndrome is and that it affects many people. Annie Duke explains how she felt like an imposter even when she won a massive poker competition.
Annie Duke continues to explain that she never felt like she deserved to win the poker championships. Then Neil Gaiman starts to talk about a gathering of people he was invited to join.
Neil Gaiman talked about he felt like an imposter at this gathering of the great and the good. Like he'd be found out. He spoke to someone there who felt the same and didn't know why he was there. It turned out that was Neil Armstrong, so that made Neil Gaiman feel a little bit better.
The characters discuss how many people imposter syndrome affects and how there's no cure. But one of them says that it's important to remember how common a feeling it is. And to see challenges as treats!
The characters continue discussing how to overcome imposter syndrome. One way being to feel empowered, as opposed to powerless.  You have to remind yourself that you earned your achievements, they weren't an accident. Then the main character wakes up in bed and it was all a dream.
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Each student’s work is released in four instalments over four weeks. Check back next Friday to read the following parts.


I (don’t) deserve to be here is a story about someone experiencing impostor syndrome. It starts with a surreal experience which takes place in her home. Our protagonist is then thrown into a journey of understanding, dealing with her uncertain feelings with the help of others.


Abriele Skaite (Gabriele Zubauskaite) is a Lithuanian illustrator and cartoonist. She studied her master's degree in Comics and Graphic Novels in Dundee.

Her passion for visual art started when she decided to attend art school at 11 years old (without the permission of her parents). Since then, she's never stopped creating.

Abriel's distinctive technique is the result of the different media she tried during her undergraduate studies.

Meeting new people from different parts of the world and hearing their stories, Abriel realised that her goal in life was to create visual stories about 'invisible' superheroes that nobody talks about.

A collage of comics in a line to act as a separator on the page.

The webcomics published across our digital channels have been created by University of Dundee’s Masters in Comics and Graphic Novels students.