Every Thought There Ever Was: Lindsay Seers.

Past event Tuesday 10 September 2019
Past Event
  • Date

    Tuesday 10 Sep 2019

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  • Location

    Juniper Auditorium

  • Free

Lindsay Seers discusses the thinking behind her latest work

As a prelude to our Hello, Robot. series, join Lindsay Seers as she talks to us about her latest work, ‘Every Thought There Ever Was’, on show at the Courthouse in Arbroath from 7 Sep - 13 Oct 2019.

Lindsay's exhibition reflects on the extraordinary brain functioning that occurs in schizophrenia. The artwork is layered with intense subjective experiences relating to the historic and contemporary understanding of hallucination and psychosis.

When you enter the rooms of the Courthouse, film screens themselves become robotic protagonists within the work. They move with digital images of faces and creatures; coloured lights animate sculptures; a dense audio-track from seven channels seems to be both inside and outside of the viewer’s head.

Using the former Courthouse building in Arbroath’s Town Centre for the second time, Hospitalfield is co-commissioner of this new work by UK-based artist Lindsay Seers, 'Every Thought There Ever Was'.

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