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Slogans for the Twenty-First Century

Past event Saturday 9 November 2019
Past Event
  • Date

    Saturday 9 Nov 2019

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    Weston Studio

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    Tickets cost £50.00

In this workshop you’ll design and create slogans in response to Douglas Coupland’s art project - Slogans for the Twenty-First Century.

As part of our latest exhibition, ‘Hello, Robot’ Douglas Coupland's slogans pose questions that force us to think about our relationship with technology today. These unsettling and provocative slogans focus on questions of life in the digital age.

Join the team from D8, one of Scotland’s leading creative agencies as they take you through the graphic design process of creating a poster. You’ll come away with skills you can apply to your own graphic work, or share as part of your educational practice.

D8 are a 50-strong creative team established in 1999, who tackle business challenges head-on through the creation and activation of compelling ideas based on research, insight, experience and expertise. They pride themselves on producing ‘work that works’, making brands more visible, memorable and ultimately, more effective. Workshop is open to adults, creative industries and educators.

Educators: This workshop will introduce and develop graphic design skills which can be applied in the classroom across a variety of topic areas. ‘Slogans for the Twenty-First Century’ is an inspiring CLPL with knowledge and ideas which can be used to enhance and develop learning activities using graphics and illustration skills.

Linked Curricular Areas: Computing and Technologies / Art & Design

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