Past Exhibition

Design for Our Times

Ran from 3 December 2021 to 19 June 2022
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    Ran from 3 December 2021 to 19 June 2022

  • Michelin Design Gallery

Material innovation for our contemporary age

Today we face many urgent issues caused by climate change - designers in Scotland are tackling these issues head-on.

Design for Our Times offers sustainable solutions to overconsumption and material waste through the innovative work of selected designers based in Scotland. It is presented by Design Exhibition Scotland, a pioneering initiative that celebrates and supports exceptional designers, fresh ideas and new possibilities.

Often it takes one individual with a great idea, plus tenacity and time, to create real change. The exhibition showcases researchers, creators and makers - all driven by a desire to make a difference: to question established norms, challenge the use of time-honoured materials and think anew about a product’s life cycle and impact on the planet.

Discover how designers are developing ingenious solutions, using unexpected materials in new ways - from biodegradable mycelium, to spent grain, to construction waste.

The show illuminates the design process - from incubating an initial idea, through the trials and errors of prototyping, towards production - and features a range of ideas and projects at different stages of development.

Come and join the discussion about designing a less wasteful, more sustainable world.

Design for Our Times features -

Ffion & Steven Blench | Chalk Plaster

Aymeric Renoud | Draff

Maria Lander & Peter Large | Future Practical

Dr Sam Chapman & Prof. Gabriela Medero | Kenoteq

Andrew Miller | Studio Andrew Miller

Lewis Harley & Simon Harlow | Mirrl

Catriona Brown | Shroom

Andy McGregor | Exhibition Graphic Designer

Image credit - Dixon drinking fountain, 2021 by Mirrl, commissioned by Design Exhibition Scotland. © Andy Stagg

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