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Faux Shop

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Explore the aesthetics of shop-window display in our latest installation by Atelier E.B

Faux Shop focuses on the beautiful, yet seemingly unremarkable shop window displays of the 20th century. Filled with items from Atelier E.B’s fashion collection Jasperwear, the shop reveals how, when it comes to fashion display, even the unnoticed details of window-dressing deserve more serious contemplation.

Featuring a full-scale construction of a shop window, as well as an archive of material built on the particular tastes of Atelier E.B, Faux Shop asks the question: Is window dressing simply an everyday part of popular culture? Or is it a unique and often overlooked form of art and design practice? With bricks and mortar retail having to radically adapt in the digital age, these questions seem more pertinent than ever.

Atelier E.B is a label run by designer Beca Lipscombe and artist Lucy McKenzie, who have been showing and selling fashion in galleries since 2007. Based between Edinburgh and Brussels, their work blends art, design and historical research. They are especially interested in celebrating and reinventing conventional methods of display, inserting fashion into a variety of unconventional situations.