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Design in a Global Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has overturned many of our most basic assumptions about ‘normal’ life. Design can help us find a path through this new reality.

We have all had to adapt to new ways of living in a short space of time. Protecting each other from an invisible and sometimes deadly threat required a communal effort. Inspiring innovations during these unprecedented times show that design is a powerful tool for facing up to the virus.

This exhibition brings together objects revealing the many ways designers and citizens have used their skills in the crisis. From medical illustrations that help visualise the virus to DIY hacks that implement physical distancing. The virus does not respect borders, so the exhibition explores a snapshot of examples from across the world. Some design responses deal with universal experiences, while others are unique to particular people and places.

The pandemic has exposed deep-rooted inequalities across society. The design community has sought to advocate for disproportionately affected groups such as BAME key workers, the homeless and people experiencing domestic violence. Many initiatives have fallen short, but this can be a moment for change.

Design can help us imagine a different world after the pandemic. A world that is more connected, sustainable, and equitable than before.

Image by illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti for New York Times.

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