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Exhibition Opening Saturday 15 September 2018

Scottish Design Galleries

The heart of V&A Dundee, dedicated to telling the extraordinary story of Scottish design

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    Opening Saturday 15 September 2018

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Discover the little-known stories of Scottish design with international impact.

Ranging from architecture to fashion, healthcare to furniture, and engineering to video game design, around 300 exhibits have been drawn from the V&A’s world-famous collections of art, design and performance, as well as museums, private collections and designers across Scotland and the world. Curated in collaboration with V&A South Kensington, our Scottish Design Galleries will explore Scotland’s design landscape, historically and today.

Exhibition Highlights

Photo for Pistol

This pistol is signed by the gunsmith Alexander Campbell and was made between 1740 and 1760.

Photo for Hunter Green wellington boots

This pair of classic Hunter ‘wellies’ dates from the 1980s, when the utilitarian boots became associated with the fashionable urban middle and upper classes.

Photo for Linoleum elephant sculpture

Linoleum elephant sculpture designed by Eduardo Paolozzi as a promotional case for a 1972-73 catalogue from Michael Nairn & Co.

Photo for Book of Hours

A 15th century book of illuminated manuscripts, made in Rouen in northern France around 1480 for a Scottish owner.

Photo for Valkyrie tiara

With more than 2,500 cushion-shaped, single-cut, circular-cut and rose-cut diamonds, this tiara features a pair of ‘en tremblant’ wings is constructed using wire-coiled springs so that they move slightly when worn.

Photo for Throne chair

This lavish chair was designed by artist Robert Home, the son of an eminent Berwickshire army surgeon.

Photo for Bookcase

This bookcase was designed by George Logan to be exhibited at the 1901 Glasgow Exhibition.

Photo for snap40

snap40 is a wearable device that uses artificial intelligence to monitor a hospital patient’s vital signs, alerting physicians and nurses via wireless technology if there is a problem.

Photo for Holly Fulton Lips dress

This dress was part of Holly Fulton’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.