Design Your Own Time Capsule

14 October 2016

A V&A Dundee pop-up shop is opening in Dundee’s Wellgate shopping centre tomorrow (Saturday 15 October) and for a week during the half-term holidays.

The free drop-in workshops will give children and their families the chance to work together to become designers of the future.

Everyone participating will be able to create a time capsule from a kit provided by V&A Dundee that they can take home and fill before burying or hiding it somewhere to be opened in the future.

The workshops will also include additional activities for attendees to design a car, house or fashion items of the future in a family-friendly setting.

Joanna Mawdsley, Learning Manager for Schools, Young People and Families at V&A Dundee, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be taking over a shop within the Wellgate shopping centre during the school holidays, giving children and their families an opportunity to design and make their very own time capsule.

“We think everyone is creative, and want to encourage the next generation of Scottish designers to come along and have some fun in our free workshops.

“It’s fantastic to be active in communities across Dundee and Scotland before the museum opens, giving people a chance to see how exciting it is to be a designer.”

The free workshops will run from Saturday 15 to Sunday 23 October from 11.00 to 16.00.

They are being run as part of a programme of events for V&A Dundee’s Time Capsule project.

V&A Dundee staff will be on hand during the nine days to show visitors what the new museum will look like and offer families when it opens in 2018.

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