Latest design proposals for V&A Dundee revealed

12 October 2012

The latest design proposals for V&A at Dundee have been revealed, which would bring the building closer to the heart of Dundee’s redeveloped central waterfront.

The move would see V&A at Dundee sitting on the western half of the site currently occupied by the Olympia leisure centre, with the `prow’ of the building extending over the River Tay.

The proposal is still to be considered by the Design Dundee Ltd board, which will make a final decision on the proposal.

Philip Long, Director of the V&A at Dundee, said, “We are proposing to bring the building on to the shore, strengthening the connection between the river and the city centre.

“This may bring a wide range of benefits for the project and the wider waterfront development. It gives us greater certainty with regards to the building schedule while retaining the quality of the overall design, which is absolutely paramount.

“The design process is one of continual refinements and updates and we are fortunate to be working with a very experienced team who are helping us deliver a very exciting project.”

Maurizio Mucciola, of Kengo Kuma & Associates, said, “We have made some changes to the site plan, in full consultation with our project team. While retaining the original concept of our project and the qualities of the building, the new site plan will tighten the relationship of V&A at Dundee with the river and the city centre, and help connect the two with a sequence of quality public spaces around the building.”

The £45million project will retain its place at the heart of Dundee’s central waterfront, which is currently undergoing a £1billion transformation.

Mike Galloway, Director of City Development, said, “There are many challenges in delivering a project of the scale of the waterfront development and in building something as notable as V&A at Dundee. This proposal satisfies the demands of both, delivering a vibrant heart to the waterfront project.

“These are very exciting times for Dundee, re-establishing the historic connections of the city to its river.”

Construction of V&A at Dundee is expected to begin in 2013. The successful completion of a new swimming pool at East Whale Lane will allow the imminent demolition of the Olympia centre and clearance of the site, ready for work to begin on V&A at Dundee.

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