Living Room for the City launch

22 April 2014

What’s your living room like? How have you designed it and what objects do you have in it? V&A Museum of Design, Dundee is inviting members of the public to share photographs of their living rooms and their favourite things as part of the museum’s first community engagement project, Living Room for the City. The name of the project was inspired by V&A Dundee architect, Kengo Kuma, who has described his vision of the building as a “living room for the city”.

Participants in the outreach project are encouraged to upload photographs as well as write about their living room photo via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a dedicated Pinterest board. Sarah Saunders, Head of Learning and Engagement for V&A Dundee says the project is an opportunity for everyone, wherever they are in the world, to share their ideas, memories and knowledge of design.

“Design is for everyone and affects all our lives in so many ways, from the furnishings we choose to the spaces we live in. It’s not just about the way things look, but about how things are made, who makes them and most importantly how design and designers can impact positively on us and on our environment. We believe everyone has something to share about design and how it makes a difference to their lives. We can’t wait to see the results!”

The V&A Dundee team worked with Creative Dundee, photographer Ross Fraser McLean and designer Martin Baillie to create the advertising campaign for the project, explains Sarah. “It was vital to us that we involved local creative professionals as well as communities from the outset. Together we have been out in the community connecting with people across Dundee and engaging with them in their own living spaces. We’re delighted with the resulting images that will now be seen widely across Dundee and further afield. We’re certain they will inspire more people to take part in sharing their thoughts and ideas about design.”

Living Room for the City is the first V&A Dundee project to benefit from the contribution made by players of People’s Postcode Lottery who presented the Museum with £100,000 for community outreach work in January this year. Deputy Head of Charities at People’s Postcode Lottery, Kate Pearson, said: “We are delighted that our players are able to support V&A Dundee’s imaginative approach to engaging with a wide range of communities. Design plays a major part in all of our lives and it’s wonderful to see V&A Dundee developing its audience in this way and forging long-term partnerships with a variety of organisations at a local and national level.”

*Living room images can be shared via social media:

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