Mary Quant Learning Resources

Dive in and get inspired

Explore the now-closed exhibition and learn more about textiles and construction, brand and marketing, along with the wider social context of the Quant era.

These resources are aligned to the Scottish curriculum and can be adapted for learning at all levels.


Activity Pack

Mary Quant created unique designs for the era. Draw inspiration from some of her designs in the video below and create your very own Mary Quant design.

Brand and Marketing

Learn more about Mary Quant the brand and how Quant's name became known across the world.

Social and Cultural Change

Explore how Mary Quant pushed the boundaries of feminism and gender norms through her collections.

Textiles and Construction

Learn about Mary Quant's diverse use of materials and textiles as she pushed herself with each new collection.

Self-guided Tour

This pack offers teachers an insight into Mary Quant's career and provides additional resources and links, along with questions for your students to discuss.

Dive deeper


Learn more about who Mary Quant was and her legacy through these videos and articles.

Curator Insights

Hear from the curators of Mary Quant as they explore the key themes throughout the exhibition.

The Wet Collection

Explore Mary Quant’s innovative use of PVC in her rain wear collections, as well as the challenges she faced with the material.

The Shop

Throughout her career, Mary Quant diversified her products and collections. Learn more about the range of products and how Quant's unique branding made them stand out.

Our Mary Quant exhibition is now closed. You can still enjoy videos and stories relating to the exhibition here.

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