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Michael Clark: Cosmic Dancer - Accessibility & Exhibition Guide

Our museum has been designed to be as inclusive and accessible, a place where everyone feels welcome.

Exhibition Guide

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our exhibitions, our newest exhibition Michael Clark: Cosmic Dancer is an immersive experience exploring dance, design, art, fashion and music. It is the first major exhibition on Michael Clark and is curated and organised by Barbican, London.


  • Some pieces of film in this exhibition make reference to, and explore, themes of suicide, addiction and sexual identity. Content and trigger warnings accompany appropriate material.
  • There are visitor assistants stationed outside and within the exhibition, should you wish to ask them any questions, use an alternative through route or need further assistance.

Visual and auditory access

  • We have large print label guides available inside the exhibition. These are also available online to view digitally on your own device.
  • There are a number of pieces of film in this exhibition, all narrative in the film is subtitled.

Physical access

  • There are benches and stools throughout this exhibition, some have a back and an armrest. There are also stools available to carry around the exhibition.
  • Some objects are shown in large vertical cases. There is one case where its contents is lying flat. There is 800mm clearance underneath the case for wheelchair access.
  • If your wheelchair or mobility device is 75cm or wider, some areas of the exhibition may be hard to navigate.

Sensory access

  • This exhibition has varying light levels from room to room.
  • The first room of this exhibition is dark and immersive and features nine large screens at varying heights. There is a bench to the side of this room.
  • One room has black and white chequered walls and floor.
  • There is a section featuring a dark room playing a film, the room creates very loud, pulsating sensations. There is a bench in the centre and there is a warning as you approach the room. It is not a through route to the rest of the exhibition.
  • We offer sensory friendly days where you can visit the museum free from crowds. These events are suitable for anyone who needs a quieter environment to get the most out of their visit (such as those with autism spectrum conditions, sensory processing differences or PMLD).

Please contact access@vandadundee.org or give us a call on 01382 411611 if you have any additional queries.

You'll find a range of access provisions available at the museum, find out more here.