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Discover the now-closed exhibition which brought together objects revealing the many ways designers and citizens have used their skills in the crisis. Learning about the vital role design played during the pandemic.

These resources are aligned to the Scottish curriculum and can be adapted for learning at all levels.


Self-guided Tour Notes

This pack offers insight into how design was used in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It provides additional information, links and questions for discussion.

Design Challenge: The Home

Re-design the modern home for the post-COVID-19 world.

Design Challenge: The Playground

Get creative and design a playground and play equipment that is safe to use in a pandemic.

Design Challenge: The Vaccine

Design a new system to enable mass delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine in the face of challenging conditions and circumstances.

Dive Deeper

Picturing the Virus and Hacking Healthcare

Learn more about the difficulties and pressures placed on healthcare systems across the world and understand the role design played in visualising the virus.

The Home

Explore the ingenious ways people repurposed their domestic spaces, while others rediscovered creative hobbies.

Connecting to each other

Discover the various ways people around the world adapted to keep in touch with their loved ones, when human interaction was impossible.

Instructing New Behaviour and Imagining the Future

Learn how new attitudes and modes of behaviour have been encouraged through design.

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