Plastic: Pledge Wall

Our Pledge

V&A Dundee

"The curation of this exhibition has been a huge catalyst for the team at V&A Dundee, to take an inward look at our own practices, beginning our journey to sustainability with a full audit from Julie’s Bicycle. We are committed to establishing a roadmap for reducing the environmental impact of all our activities, across the organisation.

We pledge to use the following principles from our exhibition at the core of each of our business decisions going forward: reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, remake. We commit to continual analysis of our entire ecosystem to ensure all plastic usage can be reasonably accounted for within our supply chain, whilst also ensuring that every suppliers we work with meet these very same standards. Beyond the scope of this exhibition, we will continue to expand our knowledge around sustainability, and will use our platform to share our continued growth and inspire others to do the same."

Partner Pledges

Jillian Elizabeth - @thelittlegreenlarder

"I pledge to offer a plastic free shopping experience with zero waste alternatives to inspire us all to create a greener future. I will continue to raise awareness on the polluting effects of single use plastic and educate our community on how to avoid it."

Laura Young - @LessWasteLaura

"I pledge to continue campaigning against pointless, harmful single-use plastic, advocating for a circular economy which creates a safe environment for people and wildlife. I will use my voice to encourage others to change their habits, and lift up their voice so that we can collectively push for change from businesses and governments. "

Amy and Ella Meek - Kids Against Plastic

"Kids Against Plastic pledge to continue to raise awareness of the issues associated with single-use convenience plastics, and educate and empower schools, teachers, pupils and students to take action against problem plastics through the Plastic Clever Schools initiative."

University of Dundee

"We pledge through our teaching and research platforms to use resources more efficiently and to minimise our impact on the environment. We will use this opportunity to advance our understanding of environmental issues and educate our students on sustainable development and effective environmental stewardship through awareness raising, promoting biodiversity, sustainable procurement and improving efficiency and effectiveness of our waste management."

Abertay University

“We pledge to use only compostable cups and cutlery in our cafes and catering services.”

Dundee & Angus College

"Dundee & Angus College is committed to removing single use plastics and have already removed all disposable cups and food containers and don’t sell any single use plastic bottled drinks. We are also focused on ensuring that sustainability is embedded across all curriculum areas by 2023 and to have fully green energy campuses by 2030."


"NCR pledges to pilot the usage of post-consumer regrind (PCR) plastics in our self-service devices in 2023. In our Dundee Centre of Excellence we pledge to eliminate single use plastics.”


"We know single use plastics are a major problem, so to help combat this and help our customers stay hydrated, we’ve either restored existing water fountains or installed water refill points at LNER stations enabling customers to reuse their own bottle. Since 2019, we’ve installed 13 water refill points, six of which were installed in the past year. In 2021/22, our fountains have dispensed over 60,000 litres of water, saving our customers money while tackling the volume of single-use plastic thrown away up and down the country."

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