We commissioned a new videogame, Plaything, as part of Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt to shed light on the development process and let the public see how a game comes together.

Play the game, and find out more about how a game is made, below.

Play the game

The first iteration of Plaything is now available to play. Still a work in progress, the game offers a playthrough of seven "play days": create your plaything and bond with it over the course of seven short interactions.

The game is best played on desktop with Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

Share how you get on using #PlaythingGame on Twitter. Your feedback will help us improve the experience, but we'd also love to see your creations!

Making the game

Explore the process of making a videogame in articles unpacking the behind-the-scenes magic that goes into bringing Plaything to life.

Plaything's Progress: Part One
Kicking off the game development process

Plaything's Progress: Part Two
How dynamic sound design is bringing Plaything to life

Keep up to date with the project on Twitter as we share announcements and progress updates.

The team

Plaything is being created by filmmaker Will Anderson and game maker Niall Tessier-Lavigne. Having initially met online through a mutual admiration for one another’s work, the two recently started working together. Though they’ve historically worked in separate media, they share a common set of experiences through growing up in the Highlands and approach many creative problems with a similar vision. Kirsty Keatch and Keith Duncan are working on the sound design for the game.

The game’s development has been supported by InGAME, a games innovation partnership led by Abertay University.