Watch the BBC’s flagship technology TV show like never before!

Join hosts Spencer Kelly and Lara Lewington for a jam-packed* evening of entertainment as they take you on a geektastic tour of the world of tech.

Featuring live demonstrations from NASA, in-depth interviews with local industry experts, internet-powered interactive experiences and top secret surprises.

From gaming to next-level artificial intelligence, security and sustainability, Click’s annual extravaganza will thrill, educate and make you reconsider the relationship between us, our planet(s) and technology.

🖥 There will be computers

🧪 There will be experiments

🛍 There will be unexpected items in the bagging area

💡 And there will be more inspiring ideas than you can shake a selfie-stick at!

Oh, and please bring your smartphone fully charged! From your television to live in front of you, this is Click up close.

Tickets will be allocated by random draw. You can register at any time until 12 noon on Friday 1 November.

*Jam sadly not included


17.15 - 19.30

Location V&A Dundee


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