Designer Date: DC Thomson's Leon Strachan

Get to know Leon Strachan, Comics & Innovations Design Editor at DC Thomson

Since graduating from Bash Street School with a First in mischief-making (Ed: actually, it was Dundee College with a diploma in Graphic Design), Dundee’s Leon Strachan masterminded a succession of multi-genre magazine launches, before being conscripted to reimagine a national treasure.

Learn how he was tasked with transforming the design aesthetic of the world’s longest-running comic, so that it reflected an enormous multi-media brand revitalisation in 2016, resulting in astonishing market-bucking sales growth and a slap up feed of industry awards. Discover the cheeky secrets behind over 25 years in the international magazine industry from Dennis & Gnasher’s favourite designer!

This monthly series, co-designed with our Young People’s Collective, is a chance to chat with a practicing designer and ask the ‘need to know’ questions. Open to ages 14+.


14.00 - 16.00

Location Juniper Auditorium

Prices 5.0 - 5.0falsefalse

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