Plastic Lab Talk: Linoleum, a wonder material

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

Learn about the wondrous properties of linoleum. This far from mundane material first flooded the market in the early 20th century. Made from mostly natural materials it is now making a comeback due to its environmental credentials.

Drop in to hear Curator Meredith More explain why Kirkcaldy in Fife was a major centre for linoleum design and manufacture. It was especially promoted to women as a practical, easy to clean floor covering with endless options for colours, patterns and effects. In the 1970s, when plastic-based vinyl flooring was on the rise, Scottish designer Eduardo Paolozzi helped reinvigorate the brand of Nairn’s of Kirkcaldy with an elephant-shaped promotional case that you can see in our Scottish Design Galleries.

Plastic Lab invites you to explore the promise and problem of plastic. Housing Precious Plastic recycling machines and hosting a dynamic programme of events, this free interactive space encourages visitors of all ages to learn, question, challenge, and act on some of the most important issues relating to plastic today. From board games to plastic sorting stations and pop-up talks, drop in and explore some of the free things you can see, do, and get involved in.

Plastic: Remaking Our World is the first exhibition co-produced by V&A Dundee, Vitra Design Museum, and maat, Lisbon with curators from V&A South Kensington.


12.00 - 12.45

Location Plastic Lab


This event is drop-in


Please note this event is being filmed

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