Scottish Design Relay

This exhibition charted the hurdles and lightbulb-moments of the design process through the research, sketches and prototypes made by the teams who took part in the Scottish Design Relay.

Before we opened, young people, apprentices and students in communities across Scotland, from Orkney to Govan, were set a co-design challenge to develop a new object, service or artwork.

The Michelin Design Gallery is an agile, responsive programme of dynamic and challenging projects ranging from national projects to small scale in-focus displays responding to current design issues as well as exploring the breadth of practice that the design world embraces.

Dates 2018-09-15 - 2019-02-10

Michelin Design Gallery

Key Objects

Prototype from Shetland leg of the Scottish Design Relay
Prototype from Orkney leg of the Scottish Design Relay
Prototype from Aberdeen leg of the Scottish Design Relay
Scottish Design Relay

Scottish Design Relay

Read more about our national project inspired by objects from around Scotland.

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