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Women artists study guide

Label from 'The London Female School of Art Scrapbook of Handbills, Tickets, etc.', London, England, UK, about 1864. Museum no. NAL MARC21 NUMBER UNKNOWN

Photograph label for Thurston Thompson and Lady Hawarden; from 'The London Female School of Art Scrapbook of Handbills, Tickets, etc.', London, England, UK, about 1864. Museum no. NAL MARC21 NUMBER UNKNOWN

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Other collections

National Museum of Women in the Arts
1250 New York Avenue NW
Washington DC 20005
Telephone:00 202 783 5000
Facsimile 00 202 393 3235
Works by women artists including painting, sculpture, pottery, prints, drawings, books and 17,000 files on women artists.

New Hall Art Collection
Murray Edwards College
Huntingdon Road
CB3 0DF The New Hall Art Collection at Murray Edwards College is a permanent collection of contemporary art by women artists, With more than 350 artworks including pieces by Mary Kelly, Paula Rego and Maggi Hambling, the New Hall Art Collection is the largest and collection of art by women in Europe.

Other organisations

Foundation for Women’s Art
55-63 Goswell Road
Aims to establish a permanent institution for the viewing and study of women’s art.

Society of Women Artists
established 1855 President: Barbara Tate
84 Uxbridge Road
West Ealing
W13 8RA
A non-political, non-feminist society for the encouragement of women artists.

The Women's Art Library/MAKE
Special Collections
The Library
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross
SE14 6NW 

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