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muf architecture/art – More Than One (Fragile) Thing at a Time

Commission as part of All of This Belongs to You

‘An analogy exists between political policy and life as it is lived, and the simplification of meaning when objects are removed from their contexts of use.’ – muf

The objects in this gallery are taken from the buildings, squares and gardens of medieval and renaissance Europe. While life continues in the places of their origin, in the museum these
sculptures remain untouched by the vagaries of weather, conflict and the everyday.

For this commission, muf architecture/art extend an invitation to inhabit this space differently through furniture and small adjustments to the existing gallery arrangement. They have also created a series of ‘after-files’ which document what has happened to the places where three of the sculptures in this room first stood. By bringing this contemporary context to the gallery muf enhance our relationship with the historic objects and with this rich and idealised public space. They describe this as ‘reverse restitution’.

muf have worked in collaboration with Women for Refugee Women, London, Villa Bracci, Florence, and the Arciconfraternita di San Cristoforo e della Misericordia, Venice, to realise this commission.

Testing Space no. 1, with Women for Refugee Women, muf art/architecture, 2014.

Testing Space no. 1, with Women for Refugee Women, muf architecture/art, 2014


On 10 April 2015, the week after All of This Belongs to You opened, Liza Fior of muf architecture/art and co-curator of the exhibition Kieran Long hosted a converstation – City as Host – and led a tour through the the commission.