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Global Pride

Happy LGBT History Month! 🏳️‍🌈

Written by: Lauren Bassam

To celebrate queer people’s contribution to the field of digital design, enjoy this short video prepared by our LGBTQ+ working group and Assistant Curator Lauren Bassam, which explores the Global Pride Island on Animal Crossing, one of the queer objects in our 'Now Accepting Contactless' exhibition. Originally prepared for Dundee Pride, this video explains why the object was selected for inclusion within the exhibition about the pandemic, as well as a little bit of detail about the LGBTQ+ working group itself.

Watch below:

Additionally, V&A South Kensington have created Pandemic Objects, an editorial project that compiles and reflects on objects that have taken on new meaning and purpose during the coronavirus outbreak. In this, Alice Power explores the important role Animal Crossing has played during the pandemic.

Header image credit: We Are Social / Global Pride