Making V&A Dundee: A farewell to Mary Quant

We like celebrating everyone involved in making V&A Dundee a living, breathing museum. When Gina sent us the painting she did of our now closed 'Mary Quant' exhibition, it felt like a fitting way end to show with us. Gina tells us more.

Written by: Gina Wright

Since V&A Dundee opened, I have enjoyed regular visits to the museum for the exhibitions and just to be in the building. I cycle across the bridge with sketchpad and ink pens in my pannier ready for what inspires me that day. I often notice how the museum environment enables people to slow down and be lost in the wonder of the building.

The Mary Quant exhibition was a must-see for me. It was great that it was possible to visit during the pandemic. The colours and style of the show were totally inspirational. It was outstanding in its layout and lighting effects and I loved how it naturally flowed from one part to another.

The particular view I chose to paint was of mannequins that struck me as stylish and dynamic. The pink wall with Mary Quant daisy in the background was complemented by the surrounding neutral colours. One of the Visitor Assistants wearing a pink mask completed the picture. I particularly loved the lobster on a lead. It added a nice bit of whimsy to the display.

Our Mary Quant exhibition is now closed. You can still enjoy videos and stories relating to the exhibition here.