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Working with Quant

What better way to understand Quant's iconic legacy than by hearing from someone who worked with her? In the video below, Heather Tilbury Phillips shares her memories of the charming personality behind the Mary Quant brand.

Mary Quant’s career, from her early beginnings to the happening King’s Road in London and beyond, culminated in a globally-iconic brand that started a true fashion revolution in the swinging sixties. Quant thought that “fashion ought to be for everybody.” Her iconic fashion designs captured the spirit of the times, featuring colourful patterns, playful silhouettes and rising hemlines.

"She believed in integrity, in doing what she felt was right, and it was obvious to all of us that somebody who had that inner strength could sweep us all with her.”

Heather Tilbury Philips

For a first-hand account of Quant's incredible story, we sat down with Heather Tilbury Phillips. Heather worked with Quant for well over a decade as the former director of Mary Quant Limited.

In the video below, Heather guides us through her memories of working with the fashion mogul, bringing us even closer to the charming personality behind the brand. Discover what makes Quant’s fashion so timeless and how her legacy lives on today.

Our Mary Quant exhibition is now closed. You can still enjoy videos and stories relating to the exhibition here.