Coach operator information

In advance of any visit, coach operators should familiarise themselves with these simple instructions and share them with the drivers.

Coach drop off and pick up is located immediately to the north of V&A Dundee on Riverside Esplanade. The drop off point is located approximately 60m from the main entrance and is marked with a bus stop box on the carriageway. The coach drop off is immediately to the west of the bus stop for local bus services (Riverside Esplanade at V&A Dundee).

Please take note that the coach cannot stay more than 15 minutes at the coach drop off point.

Drop off

On arrival, visitors should alight from the coach in a safe and orderly manner directly onto V&A Dundee's plaza area. Once the last passenger has alighted from the coach, the coach driver must move off from the coach drop off point and make their way to coach parking facilities elsewhere in the city centre.

Pick up

On departure, trip organisers should ensure that all passengers have been gathered together within V&A Dundee's foyer. Once confident that all party members are present and ready to depart, the trip organiser should telephone the coach driver and call them into position outside V&A Dundee.

If using one of the coach parking locations listed below, it should take approximately five minutes for the coach to arrive at the coach pick up point. We would expect coach drivers to have been given an approximate time of departure by the trip organiser so that they are at their vehicle when the 'call to position' is made.

Coach operators who bring independent passengers to V&A Dundee (i.e. not part of an organised trip), must ensure that drivers give clear instruction to their passengers to return to the coach pick up point at a pre-agreed time. Drivers should not return to the coach pick up point any more than five minutes before that pre-agreed time.

The aim of this procedure is to minimise the dwell time on Riverside Esplanade and ensuring the security of the visitors.

Please note we open at 10.00 and coach parties are asked to arrive no earlier than 09.55. There is no restriction on departure times.

The coach drop off facility at V&A Dundee can only be used with coaches that have a left hand side passenger door. Under no circumstances should international coaches with right hand side passenger doors attempt to unload passengers at the V&A Dundee coach drop off point.

International Coaches are advised to use the coach drop off and pick up facility at Discovery Point.

Coach Parking

There is unlimited coach parking available at two nearby sites.

This is a coach parking bay with sufficient room to accommodate four to five coaches. This bay is located alongside the public highway and opposite Dundee Science Centre and within a five-minute walk of Dundee City Centre. Drive time from Greenmarket to V&A Dundee is five minutes.

The bus depot offers longer term, secure coach parking and a range of driver facilities. Full details here. Xplore Dundee charge for this service. Drive time from East Dock Street to V&A Dundee is five minutes.

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Coach operators should familiarise themselves with these instructions and also share these with their drivers.

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