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We’ve put together loads of design challenges for you enjoy at home with your family.

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April: Architecture

Join architect Ruth Lonsdale on this month's challenge inspired by nature.

Today's challenge is: Create a small model of a shelter inspired by nature. Think about where you would locate your shelter. You could design it for a garden or your local park. It could be camouflaged on the ground or it could be designed to hang from a tree. You can use natural materials like twigs, leaves and grasses or you could use recycled materials from around your home. Share your designs with the world using #DesignBusters.

Good luck!

People working at a table on crafts.

Design Busters kit

Create your very own Design Busters kit by gathering some simple materials from around your home. The list below might give you some ideas, but use your imagination to create the best kit ever.

Paper straws, tin foil, baking paper, kitchen roll tubes, paper plates, magazines, doilies, pegs, twist ties...

Recycling box
Clean cardboard, milk cartons, plastic packaging, lids, cereal boxes, tin cans, junk mail...

Paper clips, blutac, tape, glue, pencils/pens/crayons, old jotters, hole-punch, post-its...

Around the house
Newspapers, gift wrap, tissue, playdoh, lego, broken toys, paint swatches...

Sewing box
Wool, thread, buttons, fabric scraps, ribbon, rounded scissors...

Garden or garage
Twine, twigs, pebbles, wooden lollipop sticks, netting, silver blanket...

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