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☎️ brring, brring! ☎️ Who ya gonna call for this week's design challenge?

Call our free Design Busters phoneline to hear our latest challenge, then put on your thinking caps and help us solve the problem!

There'll be a new one each week, so be sure to pick up the phone every Wednesday and hear what your next project is all about. We'll add the previous challenges to the bottom of this page so you can work through those too.

People working at a table on crafts.

Call our hotline

For the latest design challenge, call us for free on:

☎️ 0800 048 9968

The message will play twice. Simply hang up after the call and get cracking with your design solution!

It's up to you how you work through the challenge and what you use to design a solution. Sketch ideas, write down your thoughts and prototype your ideas using a range of materials. See below for how to pull together your very own Design Busters kit from household bits and bobs.

For more guidance, we've included some resources at the bottom of this page too.

Share your great design solutions with us on social media using #DesignBusters. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

People working at a table on crafts.

Design Busters kit

Create your very own Design Busters kit by gathering some simple materials from around your home. The list below might give you some ideas, but use your imagination to create the best kit ever.

Paper straws, tin foil, baking paper, kitchen roll tubes, paper plates, magazines, doilies, pegs, twist ties...

Recycling box
Clean cardboard, milk cartons, plastic packaging, lids, cereal boxes, tin cans, junk mail...

Paper clips, blutac, tape, glue, pencils/pens/crayons, old jotters, hole-punch, post-its...

Around the house
Newspapers, gift wrap, tissue, playdoh, lego, broken toys, paint swatches...

Sewing box
Wool, thread, buttons, fabric scraps, ribbon, rounded scissors...

Garden or garage
Twine, twigs, pebbles, wooden lollipop sticks, netting, silver blanket...

Challenge 18

Hello Design Busters! This is your weekly design challenge.

Service Designers use fun and unusual activities to help people find solutions to their problems. Think like a service designer about what spaces, places and ways of working you would change.

Today’s challenge is: Pick the top eight ingredients you would use to improve your experience at school.

Our pizza template will help you capture all of your ideas:

This week's Design Busters was developed by this weekend's EduJam team. And our friends at Service Design Academy lent us their pizza template for you to capture all your ideas on paper.

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