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Everyone in the Club

Calling all clubbers! Share your memories and be part of the Scottish Digital Clubbing Archive

As part of V&A Dundee’s Night Fever: Designing Club Culture exhibition, we need your help to tell the story of Scotland’s love affair with clubbing. From every era, all styles, and across the country, we want to hear about the legendary people, places, nights, tunes and fashions that have made the Scottish club scene.

We are building the first ever Scottish Digital Clubbing Archive, bringing together memories and memorabilia that will take us all back to the dancefloor. If you were there (and you can remember…) we want to hear from you!

So if you have a story to share – or even a picture, flyer, poster or video – please join the club. Answer the questions and use the uploader to share with us (you can skip any question - just hit 'enter').

Alternatively you can share your experiences on social media - use the hashtags #EveryoneInTheClub and #VADNightFever.
You can also email any questions, suggestions or images to everyoneintheclub@vandadundee.org

See our FAQs for more info about what happens next, and please check the full Terms and Conditions.

Thank you!

Image Credits: Ben Douglas, Brian Sweeney, Fuse and Hilltown Disco