Art Fund Museum of the Year 2019

We are delighted to be nominated for Art Fund Museum of the Year 2019, alongside four other remarkable museums.

Thank you to everyone who made V&A Dundee possible.

This is their story, and the story of making V&A Dundee: from the first conversation, to the first visitor, to how we continue to make the museum the very best it can be for the future.

Collaboration and passion

11 years before we opened, the idea to create a new world-class museum at the heart of Dundee’s regenerating waterfront was born.

From there, a unique partnership was founded, an international architectural competition launched, a remarkable new museum built, and over 100,000 people engaged with before opening.

Making creativity available to everyone

Since opening on 15 September 2018, we have been overwhelmed by the number of people coming to to the museum to see it for themselves, enjoy our galleries, exhibitions and installations, and take part in the many different creative workshops and interactive sessions.

We welcomed over 500,000 people into the new museum in just six months, double our estimates.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to making V&A Dundee. It wouldn’t have been possible without you, and the nomination for Art Fund Museum of the Year 2019 is thanks to each and every one of you.


Explore creative responses to the museum from people involved in different aspects of not only making V&A Dundee possible, but also making our spaces, collections and events come to life every day.

Sing with dignity
Read the poem written by the choir that performed so movingly on our opening weekend.

A photographic study
Graeme Hutton shares his stunning photographs and reflects on why he enjoys photographing our building.

An artist's museum
Alastair Faulkner reflects on painting our building, having watched it rise from the rubble.

A creative inspiration
Before we opened, Gary Gowans created a viral video imagining the museum as part of the Star Wars universe.

A draw to artists
When we saw Andrew Siddall sat outside sketching the building, we asked him to tell us more.

In ink and charcoal
We spotted Ann Cowan's beautiful picture of the museum on Twitter and asked the artist to reflect on her work.

We'll be adding more responses over the next few weeks. Follow the hashtag on social media to keep up to date with how you're all helping make V&A Dundee the museum it is.