Kylie: Paper dress-up doll

Kylie Paper Doll

Create your own style for Kylie by cutting out and colouring in this Kylie figure along with a selection of clothes and hairstyles.

You will Need:

Kylie paper doll (PDF file, 272 KB)
Kylie paper doll (Word file, 596 KB)

scissors, card, paper, coloured pencils, printer.

If you do not have PDF viewer software installed on your computer you can download a free version from

What to do:

1. Print out the Word or PDF file 'Kylie paper doll'  on card, if possible, and colour her and her outfits in. If you do not have card to print on, print the doll on paper, stick the paper on onto a piece of card and cut round the shape of the doll.

2. Cut out the paper doll.

3. Cut out  the outfits and different hairstyles.

4. Use the tabs on each outfit to attach it to your paper doll.