Katherine Elliot Biography

Leather Buff Coat, English, 1640-50, T.34-1948. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Leather Buff Coat, English, 1640-50, T.34-1948. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Name: Katherine Elliott

Role: Research Administrator

Research Interests

As Research Administrator I am responsible for looking after the Research Department and providing support and assistance to all those based in the Department. My research interests are centred upon the relationships created when applying clothing to the body. In particular I am interested in the application of the military uniform to the soldier’s body in the Early Modern period. I have very recently started to look at the mannequin form and am slowly starting to develop questions around the role of the mannequin as support for historical dress both physically and theoretically.

Selected Published Writings/ Papers

Clothing Soldiers; Development of a System of Production and Supply of Military Clothing in England from 1645 to 1708 in: Arms and Armour, Vol. 10, issue 1, January 2013, pp. 30-50.

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