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Bosque de la Esperanza', Altos de Cazuca, Colombia. Architect: Giancarlo Mazzanti. Photo: Guy Julier

Name: Professor Guy Julier

Role: University of Brighton Principal Research Fellow in Contemporary Design

Research Interests

I am interested in Design Culture and have been attributed with having developed Design Culture studies as an academic field. This concerns critical enquiry into contemporary design in society with particular attention being given to the interactions of the economic work of designers, the production of design and its significance in social practices. In this, my work includes how Design Culture studies can be both reflective as an academic discipline that engages with the social sciences and active on contemporary social and environmental challenges, leading to new forms of creative practice. I have researched design in the UK, Spain, Hungary and, more recently, Latin America and am particularly interested in how ‘peripheral’ or submerged economies give rise to new configurations and objects of design culture.

My current research is focused on two fields within this. One is on the role of design in the ‘mainstream’ cultural political economy; the other is in design activism and social design and, in particular, their relationships to neoliberal frameworks. With regards to the latter, much of this extends into service and strategic design in relation to the public sector. A further research pursuit is in how these issues can be represented in the museum.

Selected Research Outputs (Exhibitions)

2014    Co-Convenor, 'Design Culture: Object, Discipline and Practice', International Conference, University of Southern Denmark (Sept. 2014)
2011    Convenor, Design History Society annual conference ‘Design Activism and Social Change’, Fundaciò História del Disseny, Barcelona, see www.historiadeldisseny.org/congres
2009    Director, Leeds Festival of Design Activism

Books and exhibition catalogues

Julier, G. (2013) The Culture of Design, 3rd Revised Edition London: Sage

Julier, Guy (2011) ‘Design activism meets place-branding: reconfiguring urban representation and everyday practice.’ in Andy Pike (ed), Brand and Branding Geographies London: Edward Elgar

Julier, G. (2010) ‘Más allá de los margines: la historia del diseño, transnacionalización y globalización’ in I. Campi (ed) Diseño e Historia: tiempo, lugar y discurso, Barcelona and Mexico City: Designio, pp.117-126

Julier, G. (2010) ‘Playing the System: design consultancies, professionalisation and value’ in B. Townley and N. Beech (eds) Managing Creativity: Exploring the Paradox, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 237-59

Julier, G. and Moor, L. (eds) (2009) Design and Creativity: Policy, Management and Practice, Oxford: Berg.  Authored chapters:  Moor, L. and Julier, G. ‘Introduction:  The Rise of Design’; Julier, G. ‘Designing the City’; Hill, K. and Julier, G. ‘Design, Innovation and Policy at Local Level’; Julier, G. and Moor, L. ‘Conclusion:  Counting Creativity’.

Julier, G. (2009) ‘Practising Design Culture:  Notes on the Alignment of Complexity and Pedagogy’ K. Hatton (ed) in Design, Pedagogy, Research, Leeds: Jeremy Mills Publishing

Julier, G. (2008) The Culture of Design, 2nd Revised Edition London: Sage. Translations:  Korean (Designnet Publications); Editorial Gustav Gili (Spanish); Yilin Press (Chinese) 1st edition shortlisted for Design History Society Scholarship Prize 2001. Section reproduced in H. Clark and S. Brody (eds.) (2009) The Design Studies Reader, Oxford: Berg.

Julier, G. (2004) Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Design since 1900 (revised 3rd edition) London: Thames & Hudson. Translations: Korean (Designnet Publications)


Julier, G. and Leerberg, M. (forthcoming) 'Kolding -- We Design For Life:  embedding a new design culture into urban regeneration', Finnish Journal of Urban and Regional Research (in translation and production)

Guest Editor, Design and Culture, Design Activism Special Issue
Julier, G. (2013) 'Material Preference and Design Activism', Design and Culture, 5(2): 145-50.
Julier, G. (2013) 'From Design Culture to Design Activism', Design and Culture, 5(2): 215-36.
Kaygan, H. and Julier, G. (2013) 'Global Design Activism Survey', Design and Culture, 5(2): 37-52.

Julier, G. (2012) ‘Lo que he aprendido’, Proyecto Diseño, diciembre, 90-1.

Julier, G. (2012) 'Nothing Special? (Activist) Design Skills for the 21st Century', Revista Kepes, 9(8): 101-19.

Julier, G. (2012) ‘Review:  Designing Culture: The Technological Imagination at Work by Anne Balsamo’, Design and Culture, 4 (3): 387-389.

Julier, G. (2012) ‘Economies of Seeing’, Journal of Visual Culture 11(2): 132-134

Julier, G. (2011) ‘Review:  Made by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture:  An Ethnography of Design by Abena Yaneva’, Urban Studies, 48, 9: 1973-1975.

Unsworth, R., Bauman, I., Ball, S., Chatterton, P., Goldring, A., Hill, K. and Julier, G (2011) ‘Building resilience and wellbeing in the Margins within the City: changing perceptions, making connections, realising potential, plugging resources leaks’ City, 15: 2, 181-203

Julier, G. (2010) ‘Design and Political Economy in the UK’, Knowledge, Technology and Policy, 22:217–225

Julier, G. (2009) ‘Value, Relationality and Unfinished Objects:  Guy Julier Interview with Scott Lash and Celia Lury’, Design and Culture, 1,1: 93-113.

Julier, G. (2008) ‘Thinking Through Design-led Urban Regeneration’, BURA Journal, 1: 18-19

Julier, G. (2007) ‘Design Practice within a Theory of Practice’, Design Principles & Practices:  An International Journal, 1, 2: 43-50

Julier, G. (2006) ‘From Visual Culture to Design Culture’, Design Issues, 22(1): 64-76.

Julier, G. (2005) ‘Urban Designscapes and the Production of Aesthetic Consent’, Urban Studies, 42(5-6): 689-688.

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