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Oral history in progress, Elzea Table, Photographer: Linda Sandino.

Name: Linda Sandino

Role: CCW, University of the Arts/V&A Oral History Senior Research Fellow


Linda Sandino is the CCW University of the Arts London Senior Research Fellow currently researching life histories of curators at Victoria & Albert Museum.  Linda studied for her PhD at the Centre for Narrative Research, University of East London, having previously gained an MA at the Royal College of Art/V&A in the History of Design.  At the CCW Graduate School, she teaches on the MA Curating and Collections, as well as supervising research students.  She is an experienced External Examiner at BA, MA Level and PhD level.   She has taught art and design history at Goldsmiths College, the Royal College of Art, and at the University of the Arts London.  She developed the oral history collection, Voices in the Visual Arts [VIVA] www.vivavoices.org. Other oral history work includes a substantial number of recordings for the Life Story Collection at The British Library National Sound Archive with architects, craftspeople, designers, and fine artists. Previous publications have focused on the history and theory of contemporary applied arts such as ‘Crafts for Crafts’ Sake’ in Design and the Modern Magazine (Manchester University Press, 2007) based on oral history interviews with Crafts magazine art directors, editors, and photographers. For several years she was also keeper of the Camberwell Collection of design and craft, a teaching collection put together in the mid-20th Century by the former Inner London Education Authority.  She has been a member of the executive of the Design History Society, and is currently manager of the Society’s Oral History Project and has acted as an advisor to the Association of Art Historians oral history project.

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